Can´t connect to network!

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I don´t know where to post it so i do on here:

My problem is i cant connect to network, i got at&t sierra wireless, i want to connect my internet 3G europe not 4G as it says on screen, to my laptop but i got this error number :33 how do i fix this ?
using laptop i got my browser updated and log in with default pass: attadmin, admin loged in, then Connect and, shows connecting then disconnected always.
Tried a lot different options and none of then connect.
Ps, I am not the original owner of the device…
My net is tmn meo.

Where you found the error number “33”?
It may means service option not subscribed, which likely to be wrong APN used.

Please try to configure correct APN for your network SIM and try again.

Hi there !

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On router screen says error (33).
Heya i did try configure APN for my network SIM:
Gathered some info i come with this:

Name: TMN Internet
Apn: internet
Server: *
MCC: 268
MNC: 06
APN type: default

PORT: 8080
USER: tmn
PASSWORD: tmnnet
APN type: mms
MCC: 268
MNC: 06
MMSC: mmsc


  • apn:
  • Name: tmn
  • pass: tmnnet
  • proxy:
  • Port proxy: 8080
  • MMSC: mmsc
  • IPv4
  • autêntication: PAP

But it don´t work, i still got same error, it says MEO on screen so it look fine, i created a apn:
Name: tmn
pass: tmnnet


The APN for different SIM card may vary, can you please check with the carrier or verify that on ordinary cell phone first?