CAN issues with Talon CAN IOT board on wp7608 mangOH red


I have followed these steps ( Running the MCP2515 CAN driver for mangOH Red · mangOH/mangOH Wiki · GitHub ) and implemented the CAN read and write and functionality on my wp7608 MangOH read board. I have kept the bitrate as 1000000. I am able to read and write on CAN bus but facing following issues:

1. Losing frames while receiving :

I have a CAN simulator with me which transmits 5 can frames when I send a particular can frame in request. Out of the five frames sent I am only able to receive 3 frames successfully on mangOH red board. I see the following statistics after reception is done.

Following is the snippet of my can_receive function:

2. Receiving the same message multiple times :

While reading I am getting the same can_frame thrice with the same timestamp when I call the recvfrom function. Refer the below logs:

3. Not able to download linux distribution source :

I wanted to add can-utils in my linux image. I am unable to download the linux distribution source from the sierra wireless website -,-d-,1-components/#sthash.HVrsgnL0.dpbs

I am getting following error. I have tried this multiple times in the past few weeks. Getting Not found error :

Please help me. Me and my team have been stuck on this for quite some time now. We will have to switch to some other vendor’s 4G modem if this doesn’t work. Would really appreciate any help that guys can provide.


Devanshu Agarwal

@jyijyi I have seen your posts and followed the instructions provided by you for CAN Talon IOT board. Please help me if you have any suggestions.