CA Certificate for wip_SSLInitOpts()

According to the example (SSL_UGD.pdf) there is to use a valid root certificate for wip_SSLInitOpts(), parameter WIP_COPT_CERT_AUTHORITY. How do we determine whether our certificate is of root type or not? Also the validity periode of the certificate (not before - not after) has to be checked. But we don’t find any function to check the certificate’s type or validity. For checking this two aspects “by hand” the certificate has to be base64-decoded and the proper ASN1 objects have to be identified. Validity periode is somehow simple, but checking for root type - how can we do this?

Another point is the time between initialisation of the SSL connection and the first transfer of data. Why does it take 50 seconds to start the transfer? Or how would it be possible to shorten this time? Boost mode is activated according to example.

Any help is appreciated!

You can follow the below procedure to get the certificate details.
Go to the site for which you want the certificate -> click on security report -> view certificate.
Here you can check the certificate details and certificate status also.


Hi Rex_alex,

this methode is not very user friendly. Our aim is to prevent the user from using an invalid certificat. Invalid means “no root certificate” OR “out of date”. And as Sierra Wireless doesn’t provide functions for a proper certificate handling we have to do the check for validity, so to say, “by hand”. And therefore we need some hints for checking the type of the certificate. Validity date check we have implemented, type check is open so far. Hints are appreciated.

There is a function to check the validity date, but this function is only available when trying to connect to the SMTP server. This is in our opinion not the appropriate time to do the check. Such a check should be performed before trying to connect.

And how is it with the delay of roughly 50 seconds?

Best regards