BX310X AT+KTCPSTART Application

Hello Someone,
I am beginner with Sierra BX310X module, and start to implment with STM32F series MC.
Our application is
. Wifi Station and TCP client mode via UART (115200, NO hw flow control)

At this moment, got the “CONNECT” after AT+KTCPSTART without any error.
However, I am not sure how we can send data to server
So, some questions I would like to have
. Just put the data on UART after CONNECT or Should we need to use KTCPSND
. What is difference beween KTCPSTART and KTCPSND
. Should we expect any response message after data send

Hungrok Kwon

Just put the data on UART after AT+KTCPSTART=1 and CONNECT, also you can receive data from server.
However, KTCPSND is for sending data, it cannot receive data.

Thanks your reply and more question.
After data send after KTCPSTART, there are no response message from the BX310X
and only we can get from the server’s repsonse ?
Hungrok Kwon

Yes, if you get response from server, it will print out.