Bug in FCM

Here is a new bug in FCM data mode…

Scenario for reproduce the bug:

  1. Uart is in FCM Data mode
  2. Uart receive at least 1 symbol -> FCM data handler deliver the symbol to firmware
  3. pause >= 1 second
  4. Uart receive 1 symbol ‘+’ -> No FCM data handler event
  5. Uart recive any other symbol (for examle ‘^’)-> FCM data handler with: +++ <- three pluses
  6. FCM data handler with symbol ‘^’

I talked with my dialler about this issue, an dialler talked with SIWI…
And all in all I received advise: "Don’t let pause between first symbol and symbol ‘+’… :open_mouth:
The bug appeared in FW 7.43, 7.44… So I can’t use new Q2687RD, Q2686RD modules without cardinal rework of my OpenAt firmware (in way to use OpenUart API instead of FCM)…

Be careful with new FW :smiley: !

I presume you mean dealer :question:

aka “Distributor”.

Yes I meant Distributor.