Bearer statistics


I would like to know if anyone has already tried to get statistics for a bearer connection, like data sent, data received, those kind of things.
The situation may become more complex when several bearers are up at the same time, and need to get statistics by bearer, so this may depend on routing configuration etc.

Is there any included feature I missed that could fit my need?
Or the only solution is do it manually ? (again, routing stuff make feel it would be painful).

Thank you by advance.


I am also looking at ways to do this. This is especially difficult if you didn’t use the FCM e.g. I used WIP_BOPT_EXTNAT and WIP_NET_OPT_IP_FORWARD to pass traffic between GPRS and Ethernet.

Any ideas would be appreciated

As far as i know i dont think so there is any API with which it would be possible to get the statistics like the data sent or data received while creating the bearer connection.