Bc127 SEND & SEND_RAW behaviour

I am looking for some issues in a firmware related to ble data streaming via the SEND and SEND_RAW command.

While reading the manual I was asking my self what does the RX of the “OK” means. Does it mean that the bc127 send the data successfully to the server or does it mean, that the bc127 received the data and will send it later.

Other question related to that topic. How does the bc127 handles ble data streams witch exceeds its bandwidth?
In an experiment at my mind I set up a data stream with 10kBits(client to server). The bc127 doc says it has only 8kBit@MTU=120 available. Now I am sending via SEND/SEND_RAW my data at this rate to the bc127. How the bandwidth limitation is indicated?

Kind regards!