BC127 Mic Mute - Disable Analog Input while active call

Dear support team,
I’d like to use the BC127 (Melody 6.1.5) in a Bluetooth Headset like application and need to integrate a Mic Mute function while a call is active.
Of course I could use an external analog switch or something to disconnect the microphone from the analog input. But a nicer way would be to do this directly in the BC127 module.

I already tried to set AUDIO=1 0 to switch temporary the the digital input, which is not used in my application. Also I tried to set AUDIO_ANALOG=0 15 1 OFF. But changing these parameters seems to be ignored while a call is already active. The changes take effect after the call state is idle again.

Is there a way to mute and unmute the analog input while a call is active?

Kind regard,


Pretty sure there isn’t a way to do this as there is no mute function available. Also turning the output gain down will probably require a reset.