BC127 I2S audio to A2DP headphone gets completly muted at low volume audio

We have the following issue with our setup:
We use a BC127 to transfer audio data from I2S input to a A2DP headphone. The connection and everything is working but there is a strange behavior which I could not switch off.

If the audio is silent but not complete off the audio in the headphone get completely muted until some louder sound appear in the stream. This is really annoying because you miss silent parts of the audio. I tried several Headphones with the same result.

I hoped that there is a switch to turn off this “auto mute” behavior but I could not find anything.

I also thought it has something to do with the I2S 16bit limit of the BC127 but if I route the I2S audio directly to the BC127 analog output there is no “auto mute”. And if I use the SPDIF input and there is also no mute on the headphones!

Could someone help finding the cause of this auto mute? Is there anything which I could do wrong when setting up the I2S interface? I tried a lot of different settings but I had no success.


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Hi stephan.wagner,

I did not find information in the BC127 documentation about how to turn off this “auto mute”.
You can try modifying BC127 board to connect the audio output Pin to the Switch to turn it on/off.

If you need more information, please contact your reseller or distributor directly for technical support.

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