BC127 HFP disabled CVSD coding

I would like to use the BC127 with HFP link and transfer audio from IOT device to IOS/android device.
The CVSD affect the quality of the audio I get on the IOS side.
Is there a way to bypass or disable the CVSD coding on the BC127?


Hi @maharon

The Bluetooth device uses CVSD (8kHz) and alternative mSBC (16 kHz) (in HFP v.1.6) audio codecs.
You can configure it with AUDIO_DIGITAL=2 16000 64 100A00 OFF command to use HFP rate 16 kHz.

Please refer to the BC127 Melody Audio 7.x User Guide for more details.

Hi @Donald ,
Thanks for your answer.
Do you mean that on 16kHz the BC127 can use mSBC instead of CVSD ?
From the User Guide it seems to me that the CVSD codec is still mandatory for 16kHz and the mSBC is optional.
I am looking for a way to disable CVSD codec on HFP.

Thank you very much!

Hi @maharon

According to Melody Audio 7.x User Guide r3.pdf:

“Melody 7.x supports four codecs for HFP:
· NB—Narrow Band (8 kHz)
· WB—Wide Band (16 kHz)
· cVc NB—Clear Voice Capture Handsfree Narrow Band (8 kHz)
· cVc WB—Clear Voice Capture Handsfree Wide Band (16 kHz)”

I don’t have any information to disable CVSD codec on HFP.

If you need more information, please contact your reseller or distributor directly for support.

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