BC127: Changing AUDIO_DIGITAL configuration


First of all, I’m using Melody 7.3.

According to the documentation, changing AUDIO_DIGITAL doesn’t need a reboot to take affect, but from my testing, it doesn’t seem to change until a reboot is performed. I have also noticed that the module will reboot itself as soon as you pause playback if you change the AUDIO_DIGITAL parameter while playing back.

Is the Melody 7 manual wrong, or is this a bug? The below log is timestamped in milliseconds.

[405160] DEBUG: BT: Send Command 'SET AUDIO_DIGITAL=0 44100 64 100800 OFF'
[405165] DEBUG: BT: Send Command 'WRITE'
[405188] DEBUG: BT: OK
[405374] DEBUG: BT: OK
[453249] DEBUG: BT: AVRCP_PAUSE 11
[453254] DEBUG: BT: Paused
[464307] DEBUG: BT: Sierra Wireless Copyright 2018
[464322] DEBUG: BT: Melody Audio V7.3
[464339] DEBUG: BT: Build: 1544637564



To add to this, I have tested Melody 7.1 and 7.2 and both versions have the same issue. It seems that the DSP configuration is updated as soon as the stream is suspended, and that’s where the reset occurs. I am switching between these two configs, for context:

SET AUDIO_DIGITAL=0 44100 64 100800 OFF
SET AUDIO_DIGITAL=2 44100 0 000000 OFF


One more thing to add: The same happens in Melody 6.1.5