BC127 audio broadcast

I’m starting a project where I have audio in I2S format to be sent to any standard bluetooth loudspeaker.
I would like to know what are the resources for my application to scan and connect to the target speaker as this has to be user-selectable.


So the I2S aside as that is handled else where I have attached a zip file showing how to run audio broadcast with multiple BC127’s.
Bluetooth audio broadcast example.zip (1.7 KB)

I need you to be far more precise in the description of what you need to be able to give you a good answer.



Thanks for the quick answer, Matt.
Actually, is not lack of a precise definition, but that I am flexible. My project is about audio processing and the bluetooth link is, or should be, a black box as much as possible.
From the very outside, I need a system to allow the user to search for and connect to a chosen BL speaker, then that system will stream audio received via I2S. Data rate will be 44.1 kHz, 2x16 bit.
A bit more inside, I will have an FPGA and microcontroller interfacing the user and communicating with the BL module (SPI, UART, whatever) plus the I2S channel.
What I need is a module:

  • Able to receive I2S audio at that rate (44.1 ksps, 2x16 bit I2S stereo) and send to a connected BL speaker
  • Able to transparently scan and connect to devices through a UI, as described above
    I have been exploring cheaper solutions (ESP) but doesn’t seem to fulfill the requirements plus might need some software development I could do but I don’t want to focus on that.