Ar759x evaluvation kit: Audio i2s configuring Issue using wm8940_demo --i2s


wm8940_demo --i2s command is used to configuring codec in i2s . By provinding it as commnad line audio is heard and mic is recording . when the device is powered off we need to run this command every time when starting our legato application.

We want this command to be included in the in legato application , so that starting of application will configure codec to i2s and audio will work…

But we have tried to use system command in the application, eg system(“wm8940_demo --i2s”) it failed.

Please support to solve this issue.

Vimal Babu

are you using legato application?
Did you set to unsandboxed in .adef?

sandbox is true in my case. We have added the binary such that it was accessible for application . In that case we have used shellPipe example of legato. but the issue was i was able to give “wm8940_demo” and check log we can see it print. But if i give the arguments also “wm8940_demo --i2s” it say no such file or directory . It is not taking that argument when giving in shell script

how about setting the sandboxed flag to false?