Airprime Q2687 and Jamming Detection

Hi Everybody,

I’m trying to use jamming detection sample code on a Airprime Q2687 module.

What I get is alway UNKNOW state.

Since I found in the forum that Q26 Extrem doesn’t support jamming detection, I ask:
Does AirPrime Q2687 support jamming detection?

Here my settings.

“Developer Studio\0” “\0”
“Open AT Embedded Software Suite package\0” “\0”
“Open AT OS Package\0” “\0”
“Firmware Package\0” “\0”
“ExtendedATApplication Plug-in Package\0” “\0”
“GR Plug-in Package\0” “\0”
“WIP Plug-in Package\0” “\0”
“Security Plug-in Package\0” “\0”
“eCall-InBandModem Plug-in Package\0” “\0”

Thanks in advance for support

Davide Tasca

Hi Davide,

Yes Q2687 support jamming detection. And that’s right Q26Extreme doesn’t support it.

Since Open AT Application Framework 2.51, Jamming detection algorithm are part of the Extended AT, to ease its usage. So if you don’t have other need you can have a look to it.


Dear Christophe,

Thank you very much for reply.

I will upgrade to OpenAT 2.51.
However, we are using both Q2687RD and Q2687G.
Thus, I could use jamming feature just for Q2687RD (AirPrime) modules, or
Q2687G can support firmware 7.51 and related upgrades?

Davide Tasca

Hi Davide,

Firmware R7.51 can’t be used on a Q2687G. You still need to rely on the old firmware baseline R7.4x to manage Jamming Detection on such module.