Add external firmware

Hi: Team

I try to copy a external compiled firmware (.bin) to the PATH /lib/firmware , while system denied the action and show : Read-only file system . so, how to solve this . in addition, is this the wrong approach? should I must bind the kernel-firmware to the image directly . and how to do it . Thanks!



Hi Jim,

Can you give us more details on what it is you’re trying to do?



You need to use Yocto in order to rebuild the rootfs image with a custom recipe which will install your bin file in the /lib/firmware folder.
Then flash this new rootfs image in the module using fastboot.

Also, some well-known firmware binaries (e.g. for WiFi chipsets) can be easy added to the rootfs images (in /lib/firmware) by adding the following line into the image recipe (e.g. meta-swi/meta-swi-mdm9x15/recipes-core/images/
IMAGE_INSTALL += “linux-firmware-XXXXX”
Where “XXXXX” is the name of your firmware package.

IMAGE_INSTALL += “linux-firmware-ath6k”
this will add all the firmware binary files for the Atheros WiFi chipsets (AR6XXX series) in the /lib/firmware.

List of firmware packages supported by the kernel is available in this yocto folder:



thanks ! I have added the bin file according to your advice.
also , with command mount -o remount,rw / fixed the read-only file system issue.