Voip Service API For Legato .... [Linphone]

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Voip Service API For Legato .... [Linphone]

Postby gregnietsky » Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:05 am

Greetings folks i have built a working voip stack based on linphone for legato+mangoh ... using belle-sip mediastreamer2 and linphone .... the idea would be to implement this as a service API not a standalone program ...

i have added a legato shell audiofilter [driver] to mediastreamer to use the le_audio bits it fires up 2 threads one for read one fro write and using recorder/player diverts the audio to/from speaker/mic [possibly other streams] ....

when done the console phone will be ported to a service api le_voip.... if there is any interest or feed back it will be welcomed.

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