VZW IMEI issue / ALMS Bulk Registration

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VZW IMEI issue / ALMS Bulk Registration

Postby smith78 » Thu May 11, 2017 4:28 pm

Monthly I run a report in VZW B2B that gives me the new lines activated with the Name and IMEI. I then match the IMEI with a file that I receive from my distributor that has the IMEI and the SN. Then I have one spreadsheet with the IMEI, SN and Name that I can use for bulk registration on ALMS.

However, of the 200 lines we activated last month only 170 have a direct IMEI match. Apparently VZW sometimes drops / modify's the last digit or two of the IMEI. I chatted with VZW support and thy recognize the 'issue' but don't have an algorithm as to when and why the system does this. If I could get a definition of Sometimes then I could add that into my match function..

Does anyone have any insights or suggestions?

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