Wrong links for "Linux binaries" in EM7565 firmware page

The EM7565 firmware list in https://source.sierrawireless.com/devices/em-series/em7565/ includes wrong links for the Generic and US Cellular items in the “Linux binaries” column, as they point to .exe files instead of .zip files.

The EM7511 firmware list in the same page has the correct links for Generic/UsCellular linux binaries.

Hi @aleksander0m, thank you for pointing out the error. We’ll fix the links.
The exe files include the same FW binary files and you can extract them and use them on LInux. Thanks.

Also, the release notes point to October 2018, not to the newest firmware.


@aleksander0m, the links have been fixed.
@fs1, the release note is r01.13 which is the correct one for R12 firmware. The different dates are a bit confusing.

@ajoseph yeah, unpacking the exe files is also something I always do to make sure the md5 of the files are the same ones as the ones packaged in the zip files anyway… :smiley:
Also, wanted to ask, the EM7511 firmware updates are also the same ones as for the EM7565, right? the md5 of the files matched in this case. If so, will the firmware updates always be the same for EM7511 and EM7565?

Hi @aleksander0m, EM75xx firmware can be used on either of the modems. However, you should only use the firmware that has been certified and approved for the respective modem. We strive to keep the carrier approved firmware versions between modems the same, but it is not always possible.