Writing code that makes the module impossible to reprogram


I’m new to the topic and have started development in Open AT a few days ago.
I’m wondering whether and how easy it is to write something, in Production mode, as Debug is not working, to write something that will make the module impossible to reprogram. I have succeeded with some programs that made reprogramming very hard - it required multiple resets and ports open/closes to reprogram it.

For example, will switching the only UART on GL6100 into data mode make it stop responding it to download commands?
I just don’t want brick my only current module.


Generally speaking its impossible to write such a code.

By the way, do you read about “Safe Mode Service” in ADL user guide?


Remember that to make it completely un-reprogrammable you will have to remove access to the boot pin on the device as with this you can put any device into boot mode and reflash it using DWLWin.


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