WP7702 R14.1 Available Memory Mismatch

The release notes for R14.1 indicate the MTD14 partition should have ~17MB (see below) allocated but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

R14.1 Available Memory

Linux Kernel mtd12 (boot) 14336 9509 66%
Linux Rootfs mtd13 (system) 60416 23552 38%
Legato Framework mtd14 (lefwkro) 17664 6401 36%
SWIRW mtd15 (swirw) 15872
USERAPP mtd16 (userapp) 133120

When I run mtdinfo /dev/mtd14 I get the following results:

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# mtdinfo /dev/mtd14
Name:                           lefwkro
Type:                           nand
Eraseblock size:                262144 bytes, 256.0 KiB
Amount of eraseblocks:          35 (9175040 bytes, 8.7 MiB)
Minimum input/output unit size: 4096 bytes
Sub-page size:                  4096 bytes
OOB size:                       224 bytes
Character device major/minor:   90:28
Bad blocks are allowed:         true
Device is writable:             true

Which is constant with the flash values from Release 12.

How do I make use of the additional flash size that R14.1 has made available? I need this additional space to load my custom apps in as they are starting to be too large to fit in the 8.7MB.


see if this helps:


Thank you, I will look into that.

Can you answer these questions:

  1. I see that original poster asked if there was a way to recover if a mistake happens. Is there away to recover?
  2. Can I adjust just one partition without adjust the others or do they need to sum up to a specific value?


  1. I don’t know what mistakes is referring to.
  2. yes, i think so, i tried on WP76 to just adjust legato partition

@jyijyi I ran the AT!PARTITION command and got back None/Not Allowed. Is there any other way to adjust the size of the partition or some how get the application to fit. I saw this post which mentioned using the squashfs instead of ubi but they don’t say how.


you can install the application in userapp partition by .update file

Or you need to contact distributor to get the tool to enable this command

We had a lot of issues with the user partition rolling back in the WP8548 modules and then our devices weren’t recoverable remotely and had to be returned for service which is costly. Do you know if the WP7702 is improved in this area?


rollback mechanism is a feature to protect the module among WP85/ WP77.

Another way is that you put the .update file in /home/root.
After that you write a script to check whether this app is installed, it not, then install it.

But you need to make sure your app won’t make crash

@jyijyi The roll back was occurring after the .update image was marked good. There were devices that would go offline and when they were returned for RMA they had the original Legato image not our apps. That is why I’m hesitant to user the .update method.