Wp76 root password


at start i choose root password by mistake now i cannot login to the module
how can i flash it?
i tried swiflash -m WP76xx -r but no success
how can i fix it?
please explain

You might try developer studio

i did it already but it still asks for password
why it doesnt work? it should delete user partition but its not

First of all, the command should be “swiflash -m wp76xx -r” instead of “swiflash -m WP76xx -r”.
Next, I found that it is not working on R13.
But in case you first downgrade to R12, it works!

you think WP vs. wp make difference?
because i see its looks like
working print the states but doesnt clean user partition

you cannot even run the program if you use WP.

i used wp small latter and its not working
you think because of firmware R13 is not working ?
i need to burn R12 and you sure its does recovery?

Please have a try …

i burned R12 and does restore it still want root password

did you run "“swiflash -m wp76xx -r” on R12?
I can see here the root password is restored to empty password.

i did “swiflash -m wp76xx -i spk file version r12 generic
and did restore not working

then i cannot reproduce your problem.
In my testing, I set the root password to be “root” in FW R12.
After that I used the command "“swiflash -m wp76xx -r” to erase the user partition.
Now there is no need to enter password to boot into console.

C:\swiflash>swiflash.bat -m wp76xx -r
Checking image: WP76xx_Release12_GENERIC_GCF.spk

I used linux pc to do swiflash

It is working on other customer