WP7502 SIM-Status during Call and/or IDLE mode


Is there a software option of the WP7502 to poll the SIM-card status periodically?
I found the option !UIMSTATUS which notifies as soon as the SIM-card has been removed or reinserted.
But I am interested in checking the SIM status even while it is inserted, during a CALL and/or IDLE mode.

Thanks in advance.

How about using at+cpin?

I see this as a manual option.
I wonder if there is an possibilty to run the modem in a mode in with the SIM-status is automatically periodically polled. Is there such en option?
The background behind this question are safety considerations, during a call the systems needs to be notified as soon as the SIM card is broken or can not be read out due another reason.

Or to say it in other words:
What happens on WP7502 if during a call the SIM-card suddenly is not working anymore?
How will the modem notify? Which options are available?

You can try by removing the sim card during the call and see if you receive the notification