WP7502 application powerMrg

i used wp7502 with legato 18.04
when use command app status i get
[running] atAirVantage
[running] atQmiLinker
[running] atService
[running] audioService
[running] avcCompat
[running] avcService
[running] cellNetService
[running] dataConnectionService
[running] fwupdateService
[running] gpioService
[running] modemService
[running] portService
[running] positioningService
[running] powerMgr
[running] qmiAirVantage
[running] secStore
[stopped] smsInboxService
[stopped] spiService
[stopped] tools
[stopped] voiceCallService

and i want to delete powerMgr
start commnad app remove powerMgr
but when i reboot processor i see [running] powerMgr again.

how to remove powerMgr?

How about compiling the legato framework to remove it?

I will try to do it.
but I want to understand why the application is being restored after its removal?

Not sure, may be we cannot remove default app …