Working with NFC tags on MangOH Yellow

Hi all,
I am trying to read or write to a NFC Tag using the MangOH Yellow. The documentation is limited and I am assuming that only “write” capability is currently supported since that is the only one referenced under Observations… it’s called “/NtagDhubIf/writeNDEF” Is this a correct assumption?
The problem is that I cannot get either read or write to work. Please can anyone point me in the right direction. Is the read or write supposed to happen via an observation?
I am using the “NXP MIFARE Ultralight - NTAG215” type tags and is ultimately interested in only reading the tag values.


Hi Octave Admins, does anyone have any info on the use of NFC tags with MangOH yellow?

Hi Senso,

AFAIK, Octave does not handle NFC. I recommend you to post this topic on instead. mangOH community & experts should be able to help you there.


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Thank you Thibault. I somehow did not realize that they were separate forums. I will re-post there