WISMO228 webpage

Good evening

Is it possible to have the WISMO228 “send out” a webpage if you open internet explorer and enter the module IP address after it is connected through GPRS ?

If so, could someone just point me in the right direction where I can begin reading :slight_smile:


WISMO228 “send out” a webpage, do you mean downloading a web page using WISMO.

If so,the same can be done by using HTTP request over TCP.
A WISMO module primarily provides the ability to create only TCP and UDP socket connections. For any HTTP request , TCP client connection is used.
Using WIPSOFT command, create TCP client request to the HTTP server. Go into data mode and send HTTP GET request to download a web page from HTTP server and get HTTP response


It sounds more like he wants the WISMO to be an HTTP server :question:

One problem with that is that “plain vanilla” GPRS susbscriptions (“consumer” deals intended for mobile phones) usually do not give a Public IP address…

The thought was to have a web-like configuration of the device, and use the WISMO to access this configuration through GPRS.

What “device”?

Still not clear whether you want the Wismo to be the Client or the Server of this “web page” :question:

Sorry for the bad explanations here :slight_smile:

Lets take it from the top. My idea was to have the device ( as in circuitboard with WISMO228 ) to have web-like configuration, like you’ll find on any router for example.

So I’m guessing the WISMO needs to act like a HTTP server ? Just wondering if this is possible, and if you know anywhere I can go to read about it :slight_smile:

Really important to remember that nobody here knows anything about you or your project other than what you clearly & explicitly state in your posts.

And, presumably, some sort of microcontroller?

As already noted, the WISMO228 just provides the basic TCP/IP connection - so the implementation of any “higher level” protocols and applications has to be done by some external processor.

The system needs to act as an HTTP Server; as mentioned above, the WISMO228 cannot do this itself - it needs some external processor

If you wanted to do it in the GSM module, you would need one that supports Open-AT.

And, again, it will mean that you need a GPRS service with a Public IP address…




Yes there is an external µC that handles everything. I’ve already got the TCP connection up and running and using it to send data from/to other device.

Thanks for the help, I’ll give the URL’s a read and see what I can come up with.

Again, sorry for the bad explanation, I’ll get them better next time.