Wismo Functionality

Hi all,

I have a Wismo device and I’m using OPENAT 3.10. I’ve been playing around with it for a week, and it seems pretty good. There is a lot of documentation, and a lot of things to sort through, so I thought I’d just ask here. Any directions for what areas to look at for the things I am trying to do would also be appriciated.

Basically I want to know if all of this will work:

The Wismo device will run remotely connected via UART1 to another device. The only way a user can talk to it is through GRPS. The device it is connected is only availble through the Wismo, and simply resonds to commands. The Wismo will send custom commands to this device and log what is returned. It needs to do this at regular intervals. Furthermore, it will need to send the logs out to a webserver over GPRS.

The Wismo also needs to be able to send new files to the device it is attached to. Because the APN being used only allows outbound connection, the Wismo device will have to check the webserver periodically for new files, and if found, download them. This might even have to happen in the header of the HTML page. As in, it does a GET, and has to be able to read the header or body of the response.

If the Wismo device ever loses power, it will need to be able to start itself backup when power is provided again. As in, no commands will be sent to it. It would be good if it could log this event too.

That’s basically it. Is this all possible, or should I think about using something apart from the Wismo and OPENAT?

Thank you so much for your time.