WIP tcp socket client and JAVA tcp socket server


I’m writing an OPEN AT application for a fastrack supreme 20. This program connect through the GPRS bearer to a distant server which is written in JAVA.

When the server send data to the modem, this one receive well all packet (all of them are preceded by a \17 character.)

But when the OPEN AT application send data to the server, this one block on all read function.

Does someone has attempt to established tcp socket communication between OPEN AT client and JAVA server ?
Does JAVA wait for a particular character at the end of each packet ?


it propably waits for a or

Yes, it’s my first idea, but even with or at the end of the stream, JAVA server don’t unlock from the read function and available() function indicate 0 bytes received.

Try running a spy on the server as Ethereal or Wireshark on the same server filtering on the ports your JAVA server use, this way you can analize what are you reciving from other clients.
Sorry because it’s not an answer, but is a way to reach it :smiley:

Are you sure that all firewalls, routers, etc, are correctly configured to allow the packets to reach your Java app…?


Try preaking the problem in half.

I would recommend using Netcat to act as your server. See if your wavecom app will talk to Netcat. If so, you have a problem with your Java server. If not, there is a problem with either your wavecom app or the firewall/router/modem settings (as suggested by awneil).

ciao, Dave