WIP Memory Requirements?


I couldn’t see the WIP Memory Requirements mentioned anywhere in the Development Guide (WIPlib v2.00).

Have I just missed it?

What are the basic memory requirements of WIP, and how is this affected by the various options?


Hello awneil,

Have you seen tables by the wip_netInit() function? It will give you a hint how much memory is needed when you start the IP libary, look at the tables and start hitting the calculator. :slight_smile: But, the overall memory requirement is still not simple because for example when you start a socket without the Opt() extension, you don’t know the default size of the send buffer or the receive buffer, which i think the biggest contributors for the memory requirement. ( you can get it with the wip_getOpts() function after you start it). I assume that in the wip_netInit() table these buffers are represented with pointers only. The default values shoulb be documented everywhere.

Best Regards,


Yes, I’ve seen then now - don’t know why I missed them the first time! :blush: