Windows driver 'MBBProfile' option/switch

I see from the MC-Series driver installer I’m using (GenericDriverSetup_Build4728) that there are some configurable options at install time (Either by CLI or in an INI file, which I already use with great success).
One of the options the ‘MBBProfile’ switch…which is obviously something to do with the Windows Mobile Broadband profile side of things.

Does anyone know how to use this option and what it does?
I can see all the parameters etc., and I understand what they do (APN, UID, password etc.), and I’m hoping to automatically create an ‘auto-connecting’ MBN profile in Windows when running the driver installer.
Trouble is, I don’t know what ''MBBProfile" is supposed to do/how I should use it :slight_smile: Could anyone enlighten me?