Wavecom Fails

I don’t know whether this is GSM Stack Failure, but here’s what’s happening.
I am currenting calling FS20 about 150 to 200 times an hour, that’s approximately 3 calls a minute (give or take 10 seconds).
After a while (it could be 20 minutes or 2 hours), FS20 fails to respond. It fails after returning +WIND: 9 (audio channel opened). Only way to restore it is to reset it by turning it off and on. Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks in advance.

Could it be that the network is spotting such a huge number of very brief calls, and marking the device as “suspect”?
Some networks can do that kind of thing…

Is this a real application, or just a stress test?

Well, the funny thing is that only one of FS20s fail at a time. And it’s so random. But if there is such a flag, I don’t know how resetting the device will clear it.

This is just a stress test.

When the device re-starts, it re-registers with the Network - that would be liklely to clear a few flags in the network.

This is could be just a red herring, though…