Voice mailbox problem



I have a problem with the voice mailbox in switzerland.
Normally, you get the following messages when you start a voice call:


+WIND: 5,1 <-- dial start
+WIND: 2 <- it rings
OK <- connection (also if a voice mailbox picks up)

The destination phone is off and the call is forwarded to the voice mailbox:
In germany you get these messages also when you speak with a voice mailbox.
We have noticed, that in switzerland we do not get +WIND:2 indication when we reach the voice mailbox.

Now, is this a normal behaviour, or is it a bug?

Thanks for help.



my thoughts…

The +WIND:2 indication is described as “calling party is alerting” and normally it means that ring signals is generated by the answering phone but if it is turned of and the call is routed directly to a voicebox (without any answering unit ringing) I’m not sure that the +WIND:2 should be sent at all.

I guess it all depends on how the network operator has configured the service and what kind of signalling that takes place before the voicebox answers the call (the +WIND:2 indications is only a reflection of signalling procedures between the ME and the NWK).

So, I would not think its a bug in the Wavecom software, what you see is more likely a difference between networks.



Hi snoooze,

your answer makes sense.
So I think, I must change my voice handling.