Using memory address instead of Id to access A&D

I’m quite new to OpenAT, so please excuse my ignorance. I want to know if there is a way to know the EXACT address where the data in A&D flash memory resides. In my application I wish to download and write a whole configuration file into A&D, where indivual parameters are just offsets at specific locations. I would then like to be able to read only the separate parameters individually instead of reading the entire configuration file each time. But the fact that A&D data has wear protection and you have to access the flash by means of ID’s instead of actual memory address locations makes me think this is not possible. Am I right or am I misunderstanding something?

Hi Wernert,
I think you can not know exactly where your data is located in the A&D storage, when you create a cellID. Because this memory area was controlled by Wavecom firmware.