Username and password issue


I have installed Legato and am trying to install a software package in the Packages Manager window.

I have a problem that I also had a couple of weeks ago. The download of the package starts,
all appears successful, then I get an error message saying :

“saved login details were not accepted. Please provide login details for

I enter the username and password that I created to login to this forum and it is refused. I get the same error message.

Please can you provide a snapshot of the credential window?


Thanks, I have solved that problem - you were right, it was a proxy server issue.
When we connected my host directly to the outside world I was able to download the packages.

I now am not sure how to proceed.

I am trying to follow the instructions at : … _component

It refers to command line commands such as mkdir, gedit, mkapp etc.

Do I have to work outside Developer Studio ? Can’t I do everything within
Developer Studio ? If I have to work outside Developer Studio, how do I connect to those directories and files from inside Developer Studio ?

Actually you have the choice: either work with the command line or with Developer Studio.
In DS, once you’ve installed the packages, you just need to use the project creation wizard in the Application perspective to create applications project (you can create projects based on provided examples at a first step).