Use legato API to open ttyUSB0 and got error

then can the modemdemo work to make it establish data connection?

Hi @jyijyi

There has no modemDemo in my device.
so I should compile by myself then update it ?

yes, you need to compile it and run it

BTW, didn’t you already download to it before?

I reset my device, so I think it removed.

Hi @jyijyi ,

the command is worked, so how can I use it port the modemDemo to my APP ?

you need to understand the modemDemo program flow and copy the related to code to your application.

Hi @jyijyi ,

OK, I will try it, Maybe I will have problem then I will ask you again. Thanks for your help.

Hi @jyijyi ,

I try to use modemDemo method to create connection.

So my workflow is like below:

  1. le_mdc_SetPDP(profileRef, LE_MDC_PDP_IPV4)
  2. le_mdc_SetAPN(profileRef, “internet”)
  3. le_mdc_StartSession(profileRef)
  4. le_data_Request()
  5. set gateway and dns
  6. test connection.

I found connection will stop when app is stopped.

BTW, my app will stop by “exit(EXIT_SUCCESS)”

My question is that the connection will stop when app is stopped?

If you don’t add exit(), is it ok?
Maybe you can keep the app running

Hi @jyijyi

Yes, if I don’t add exit then the connection will keep.

It means my app should be running ?

I saw the modemdemo keeps running

Hi @jyijyi ,

OK I understood, Thanks for your help.