UART2 at 38400bps with no hardware/software flow control



I’m wondering if I we can reliably hookup UART2 to a 38400bps serial link and receive data without missing any.

We can’t implement hardware or software flow control because it’s fitting into an existing system (it’s actually a shared RS485 bus).

I know the docs say we need flow control so we don’t miss characters - is it a problem at 38400 or only higher speeds?

The module will be receiving a stream of binary messages - no more than 20 messages of 100 characters/second - and sending some of them to a website via GPRS/HTTP POST. I’ve got the GPRS/HTTP bit going - now I’m getting worried about the serial port side of things.



The trouble with doing any serial interface without flow control is that there will always be the risk that data will be lost!

You just can’t guarantee that things won’t happen at “just the wrong time”…

If you don’t have flow control, you must implement some higher-level scheme to ensure that your data is intact - such as message sequence numbers and/or checksums/CRCs/etc…