"The device has not been enumerated"

Hi, all

Sometimes some modems (saw it on FXT, FXS and Q26) would constantly emit following trace string in TMT:
Trace DEV 1 The device has not been enumerated

Happens only when user application is running and not on all modems. For example, I have two of same FXT here running same code and only one has the issue. usually, one needs to completely re-flash the device to get rid of the issue.
Any ideas what causes it and how to battle the issue?
Beside making debug impossible, problem severely cripples modem performance.

Rudolf Ladyzhenskii

I have seen this frequently, and observed no impact on either debugability or module performance!

We do not have single error message – in our case, this message is output constantly, few times a second, completely clobbering debug TMT output window.
Performance depends on application. We did find in the past that debug output in some of our modules cause performance degradation (we do some heavy processing, loading CPU and I/O).


Ah - that’s not what I’ve seen, then.

Found the problem now – I was outputting constant string of debug info through USB port and USB cable was not connected to PC. So, module complained about the fact I was using USB device that was not initialised by the host. Once cable was connected, errors stopped.