TCP packet contolling?


I want to send a 1MB of data using GPRS. I wonder if I can write an adl application program which will accept 500bytes of data packets from PC com port and send it to server PC through GPRS to the server PC. Server PC consists of a modem and of a PC. If 500 byte is not entered in 1 second, modem will send packet automatically.

What should I research for the modem part? client modem will wait for data to be sent to server IP. And server modem will wait for data packets, when it receives packet it will immediately send it to rs232.

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Does IP stack in wavecom module adds ID number to each packet send automatically or do I need to add ID numbers (for combining packets in correct order at the receiver side?) manualy in my adl application?


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Hello piedos,

I assume you will use TCP…

TCP layer can and will send the data in more than one packet at a time and the packets can… and will arrive in different order (or be lost and retransmitted) but TCP on the receiving end will put the packets together in the right order before sending the data (up) to the application.
So you do not need to put ID:s on your data because its not packets you send to the TCP its a stream of data… of course unless you don’t have any other application protocol that needs this type of handlig.

But as a comment to your suggestion

Its a good idea to collect as much as possible before sending, in that way you will maximize the data/header ratio.



thanks for reply snoooze