TCP/IP comm, module <-> server with dns address


I’m developing a solution which uses communication between Fasttrack supreme 10 and a PC. Module’s application is wrote using Wiplib, PC app with C#. Protocol is TCP/IP.

Currently the C# application is running on my server with public fixed IP address. I would like to convert the PC app to ASP and put it on a cheap internet website on some commercial server. Obviously, I need to use DNS address of the server app. What do I need to change in my OpenAT application. Do I need to use HTTP?


no (for the dns-part), if you’re already using wip, you can just use the dns-address of the server.

you can write your own http requests, or use the http capabilities from wip.
(i don’t think you can write your own tcp server in asp. but i might be wrong on this)


so you’re saying that it’s enough to change the first argument of the wip_TCPClientCreate from to ? I quickly tried it once and it hasn’t worked, but I should retest it again throughly. How and where do I specify the adress of the dns server? I heard a following story. Let’s say we have three pages: one, two and three on one server. When a client requests a page, altough all three pages have the same IP, the server knows which page to send by looking in the http header. Is this true? That’s way I thoght that http is neccessary.

It is possible to write a tcp client/server app in (forgot the .net). It’s the same C# code. I’ve tried it on localhost and it worked.


no, i’m saying that changing into works.
http is a layer on top of TCP. http uses TCP packets and (usually) connects to port 80.

the tcp client (the example anyway) just sends packets to the specified ip-address on the specified port.

with http packets makeup a http request (header and that kind of stuff).
so, what kind of tcp-server do you already have, and are you sure that you wrote a tcp server in asp?.
because normally asp pages are being served by a webserver. (to my knowledge, but feel free to correct me)


Probably it works on your localhost, but on hosting they usually close all ports except 80. And 80 is already busy with their own web server. So you should write HTTP client for your wavecom module to obtain some results. :slight_smile: