Substitution of a Fastrack Modem M1306B with a FXT 009

I have a project with an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 that was communicating with a Fastrack Modem M1306B. This modem had some problems and was substituted with a Fastrack Xtend FXT 009. However, now the SLC doesn´t recognize the new modem. Should the modem substitution be like “plug and play” or there must be some previous configuration to the new modem ?


It’s the Allen-Bradley software that’s failing to recognise it - so this is a question for Allen-Bradley :exclamation:

The FXT should support all the features that the 1306 had but, if the Allen-Bradley software asks it, “are you an M1306B?” then it will obviously reply, “No!

Far more likely, you need to re-configure the SLC to recognise the new modem.