Subscribe Multiple Unsolicited Results


Tomalex showed how to subscribe one handler for all Unsolicited results:

adl_atUnSoSubscribe("",  (adl_atUnSoHandler_t) UnSo_Handler);


adl_atUnSoSubscribe("+",  (adl_atUnSoHandler_t) UnSo_Handler);

See: … .php?t=806

My question is: what are the advantages and/or disadvantages of subscribing one handler, and then that handler having to distinguish the different responses, as opposed to subscribing different handlers for each response?

Is there a limit on the maximium number of concurrent subscriptions?


Hi awneil,

I see neiter advantages nor disadvantages in this approach. I would think it is a matter of style how one likes to organize the code. Handling everything in one big function can make the code more or less readable, as does writing many many functions that basically do not very much. So, your choice which way you like to suffer.

Athough, I am convinced that there is a limit (the module has limited memory, so I wouldn’t know how you possibly could fit an unlimited number of subscriptions in there) I think the limit allows quite a few subscribtions to cover most or all applications, otherwise I would expect the manual to give an indication of the limitation…

Best Regards,


Even a Wavecom manual…? :wink: