Stack TCP/IP

Hello, I’m newbie in this forum and I hope you can help me.

Recently I buy a Wavecom M1306B but it isn’t the embedded stack TCP/IP version.

I need this property for my develop but my sales office tell me that I must wait for 2 weeks for one unity with this version.

Can I upgrade the firmware with the stack TCP/IP embedded in it???


Antonio Lupiañez


I assume you think of the “AT#” IP stack. This stack is a program which can be installed on the module like an Open At application (i think it is an Open At appli by the way :slight_smile: )
From OS 6.51 only the high level internet functions (e-mail, ftp) are not available on every modules.
To install this stack either you download the proper file with at+wdwl or DWLWIN procudure.
And the most important. You should ask for this file from your distributor, or if you want to use ftp or e-mail functions or your firmware is below 6.51 you should send the module to your distributor to activate it.

Best Regards,