SSL from hell, and beyond


Hi All,

I have implemented SSL to connect to a server.
I have tested and it works just fine to my server and that of a banking institution.

However, when connecting to another server, I always get a 302 found response.
I can connect via a web browser and it works fine.
I have even eliminated GPRS problems by connecting via an Ethernet interface, with the same results.

I suspect a strange SSL setting or similar.
I can see it connecting and doing the certificate transfer and cipher change etc. So it it talking, just the server kicks it out for some reason.

  1. Has anyone encountered this before?
  2. Is it possible when using https, to change the local (yes local) port? It appears to default to 1024, and I would like to bump it to something else above 50000.

Fastrack Extend - V7.46




Do you receive some error , when trying to connect to the server ?
May be the reason for the rejection can be figured out from the error.