Something strange in target mode application

I, am developing some tracking appilication, as most of you, i think. My program consist of some my made header and C files added to the project. I added them so that i can compile and link them without any error using cygwin, and GCC compiler, thanks to topic … .php?t=296 :slight_smile:. My moule is Q2501, OpenAt version 3.10. My application works fine in RTE mode, but it acts strange in target mode. The strange fing is that the wpb.dwl file size is 95kb. The smaller my projects compile to the same size to. When the application starts in target mode, it seams that the programs runs functions that is located in appli.c file, and other functions wich is called in appli.c but resides in other *.c files are not called. As i say the linker shows no errors, and the wpb.dwl compiles well to. Also i see nothing in trace monitor. I didnot used TRACE macros in my program, but i believe that module it self should throw something at the trace monitor, but it doesn’t. After all things are done in adl_mine, the module restarts, and application starts working from the beginning.

No, IIRC the adl_main is called with a handover parameter telling you the reason for the program start.

[code] /*main function */ void adl_main(adl_apmInitType_e InitType) {} . . . typedef enum { ADL_INIT_POWER_ON, // Normal power on ADL_INIT_REBOOT_FROM_EXCEPTION, // Reboot after exception ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS, // Reboot after a successful install ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_ERROR// Reboot after an error in install } adl_InitType_e; [/code]

Somehow your problem sounds like an internal exception for me. Maybe a jump to nirvana? :slight_smile:
In which way you’re compiling your app? Via the IDE? Via the cygwin shell? I’d never had these probs using the shell. OK, I’ve adapted the SCS file for my needs starting with an empty app…
Are all needed files and includes stated correct in the .scs file?


Just another thing to mention from adl’s user guide:

… Moreover, since the whole software is
protected by a watchdog mechanism, the application can not use infinite loops, otherwise the module will reset after an 8 seconds security delay.

Been there, did that :laughing: