So how do you access a private IP address?

The answer, of course, is: you can’t!

But questions arising from failure to understand this appear with monotonous regularity. :unamused:

So, apart from handing over (potentially large) sums of money for (a) Public IP Address(es) for your remote device(s), how do people get around this?

Suggestions I’ve heard include:

  • Have the remote unit establish a connection on a periodic (timed) basis;
  • Send some stimulus (eg, SMS) to the unit to cause it to establish a connection.

Any other suggestions/recommendations, or experience…?

If you are not afraid of the high consumption and if you have a volume based contract with your operator you can always try to have a persistent connection by sending keepalive messages once in a while and reconnecting to the server as soon as the channel is broken.

I meant what “workarounds” do people use to initiate a connection to a device which has a “private” IP address; ie, to simulate an incoming connection to the device… :question: