SMS as iMessage?

Hi, all

Not sure if this has anything to do with OpenAT, but…
Module – SL8084T

I am trying to send SMS from my iPhone. For some reason, ny iPhone send SMS as an “iMessage” (blue message), not as normal SMS. Tried from my friend iPhone – same thing.
As far as I understand, iMessage is messaging service between iPhones only. SMS is sent via data, not as SMS.
So, somehow my SL8084T decided it is an iPhone…

Any ideas what is happening?


I think it will depend on the MSISDN of the SIM card you have in the SL. If you have previously used that SIM in an iPhone and have registered that phone number with iMessage, then when the iPhone checks the iMessage database to determine whether to use SMS or iMessage, it will see that number as belonging to an iPhone and will try send over iMessage. Are you actually receiving the message via SMS on the SL? If so, I guess Apple probably has a retry service that if a message fails to deliver over iMessage, they fallback to SMS even though your phone still displays it as an iMessage. Not sure though, just a guess.


Thank you for your responce.
I think you are right – it did start after I used same SIM in an iPhone. (was testing the SIM).
Message never arrived via normal channel. I hope entries in database do expire after some time.


You can put the SIM back in an iPhone, and turn off iMessage for that SIM to prevent it trying to use iMessage in future.

Problem fixed itself in time. Eventually, my iPhone failed to send the SMS via iMessage, showed me an error and switched back to “normal” SMS.