SL8084T GPS issue

Hi all,

I am using SL8084T and facing some issue with usage of location library.

I am able to get NMEA oputput from the GPS but not able to access PVT( position Velocity Time structure ) using api gps_pvtGetOpts();
The above api returns GPS_ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE (which states " This feature or configuration is not available for software and/or hardware version").

I also tried to access PVT structure using gps_infoGetDetailedPos() api, but no success.

What could be the reason, please reply soon.

Thanks in advance…

As per the location plug-in development guide (for 1.4.2), gps_pvtGetOpts() is not available and it was crossed out from table 6 “API Calls Requirements”.

Thus it is true and matched the return for GPS_ERR_NOT_AVAILABLE.