[SL8082] - usb remote wakeup


Does SL8082 have to be configured to generate remote wakeup on usb bus (to host) or it is able to do it in default?


!GVER: S2_0_0_21AP R1071 CARMD-EN-10526 2011/08/30 12:13:02

If it entered selective suspend, remote wakeup should be raised if there are activity on USB from SL8082.

We can also enable the WAKE_N pin using AT!WWKUP command for extra signal of specific event.
Kindly check the AT command doc for info.


Thanks for info

It seems that incoming call, sms causes WAKE_N pin activity but data connection, packet connection (GPRS,…) doesn’t.
What does “Radio coverage restored” mean in WWKUP bit settings?