Skylight usable with AirLink PinPointX trunk modem?

Hi - on some of our devices with integrated modems, we use Skylight’s SMS features as a kind of alert system - sending high priority alerts that popup as Windows tray messages for the user. We would like to use the same functionality for a set of ToughBooks that use AirLink PinPoint X modems, connected via ethernet. Is that possible? Are there alternatives for managing SMS to the client via this modem? thx!

Are you taking about the Sierra Wireless Skylight software – This Software does not support PPX, this is software provided for modules, usually embedded into laptops. To receive SMS messages you have to design by yourself an application to receive SMS messages using SMS IP protocol for which need assistance from Distributor.


Thank you, Alex - yes, the SW Skylight. We use it on some Motion tablets (with an embedded module), to provide a “poor man’s alert” mechanism. Guess we’ll have to go another direction for our ToughBooks that use trunk modems.