Sim remote HL series

Hi all,

I have a question regarding SIM REMOTE (rSAP) functionality using HL series.

I saw there is an AT command (AT+KSAP) to enable it, but I would like to ensure what is behind this command.

I’m not sure to understand, but this command permits to use a SIM which is in an external device using Bluetooth or another way ?

I mean the link with the SIM connector is deactivated ?

Thanks in advance if anybody could help me.


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which module are you using? which command guide are you referring to? can you share the link?



I’m talking about this document : … ification/

+KSAP command seems to enable/disable rSAP, but I’m not sure to understand if this feature allows the modem to use a SIM via Bluetooth, or whatever except the standard SIM connector.

Thanks if you could help me.

PS : I’m not using any module, I’m looking for a module using rSAP.

I don’t have Hilo module to test here…
But when I go through the doc you shared, it seems like some functionality relate to CMUX feature of Hilo.

Also i found similar discussion [url]]



as HL series could use rSAP feature I could use it on MangOh Platform using Legato AP to configure rSAP and simulate a SIM.

Thanks for your answer.