SIM PIN Windows 10 issue


I have a question regarding a cellular module and the OS Windows 10.
Everytime if the systems restarts I have to type in the SIM PIN code to authenticate to the cellular network. There is an option to deposit the PIN code in the properties of the cellular module under the Advanced Option like it is show in the following webpage The problem with this feature is that the PIN code will be visible for every person who has access to the computer and it is not encrypted.
A solution for that issue was to use the following tool ( but this tool doesn’t work with the newer cellular modules like the MC7455. This tool is a dial-up tool to grant access on every boot up of the system to the choosen cellular network with the encrypted PIN of the SIM card deposited.
Now, my question is, do you have any recommendations for a similar tool or do you have another solution which solves my problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards,
Sebastian Macht